HAWKeye by Skillion OLD


your sixth sense while riding

be aware of whats behind you

a rear camera sees everything, even when you're not looking

AI vision to predict the future

powerful ML algorithms use camera vision to predict cars movements in realtime

more features

see behind you

see at night

secure your bike

track your ride

control your ebike

message companion riders

find your way

follow a scenic tour

find your companion riders

see it in action

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As seen at Eurobike 2022 with integrated vehicle detection!

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Whats included:

  • Tail unit camera
  • Tail light
  • Mounting bracket
  • Hawkeye mobile app

about us

our mission

Skillion is creating a user experience revolution for bikes. We believe all riders should be more connected, aware, and secure on and off the bike. We are building the platform to accomplish all these goals.

our history

Skillion started in 2017 by developing our own line of ebikes in Australia. By creating bikes, we discovered our passion for a better rider experience. We began to develop a series of products that makes all bikes more connected. We called our platform the Connected Dashboard. We sold our first Connected Dashboard in 2018 which provided advanced security features for a fleet of bikes in Australia. With that success we moved to the USA in 2019, raised funds and developed our newest Connected Dashboard: HAWKeye!

our team

our partners

frequently asked questions

Yes, the Hawkeye works with regular bicycles and ebikes. If your bike does not have power you can simple carry a suitable Power bank to keep Hawkeye powered.

Any bike or ebike can accept Hawkeye. Some ebikes have a 5V power outlet which is great as you can plug the hawkeye directly in and avoid having to carry a Power bank.

You have two choices. You can simply carry a Power Bank this can be placed on the frame or placed in a saddle bag and run a cable to the hawkeye. Or you can install a DC-DC converter with a 5V output and an input suitable to your ebike battery. Most ebikes are 36V or 48V and DC-DC converters can be ordered in Amazon or other marketplaces for under $20. This can be used for charging your phone too.

Currently we do not have a firm price. But we expect hawkeye to be highly competitive with other products of similar capability and quality. If you are pre-ordering the  price you will pay will be displayed for you in the shopping cart.

Hawkeye uses visible light cameras. It detects wavelengths of light in the 400-750nm (regular light we see). It works with reduced capability similarly to your eyes and is optimised for day operations.

The Mobile App comes with every hawkeye kit. When your kit arrives go to the Apple App Store or Android Play Store to download it on your phone.

Hawkeye can operate in any countries. There are some limitations regarding the use of camera and bike rear lights in some countries. Please check you local laws to determine if there are any limitations to the full use of hawkeye. 

We plan to ramp mass production as soon as possible. We currently have a working solution and will be offering the product to “early adopters” and “beta testers” in Q1 2023. Please register to be included.

Hawkeye can be delivered to any location globally. However it is prohibited by law to ship to some countries from the USA. For example we are not shipping to Russia due to the war in Ukraine. The shipping cost may vary for some locations. 

Just before we begin shipping, we will contact you for the correct shipping address. Then we will package your kit and ship it direct to you by mail.

Hawkeye.bike is a product of Skillion Inc. Our head office is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. 

The run time is virtually unlimited if powered by the ebike. If using a Power Bank then the run time is directly related to the capacity. hawkeye requires 5Watts for normal operation. a typical Power Bank with 6000 mAh and 5V output will offer 4 hours or more of  operation.

We have a selection of parts that will ship with the hawkeye. You can chose between mounting on the seat post (with varying diameters), mounting on the seat stay or a rear rack.

Please email us at: sales@hawkeye.bike