- hit the streets with confidence -


know what’s behind you without all the distractions. Our AI-based rear camera identifies the critical threats and alerts you in advance.

- not knowing is your biggest risk -

AI vision

designed to meet the demands of professional road cycling and handle all traffic situations by using powerful AI vision to identify hazards such as cars, trucks, and bikes in real time

hawkeye fitted to bike

- looking out for you -

see and be seen

the unique 3-camera solution offers both long-distance and wide field-of-view for blind spot protection. The flashing light actively responds to alert approaching drivers

- for every situation -

sport, commuters, professionals

the universal mounting bracket is designed to mount to many bike types and mounting locations and to fit and release in seconds.


- shows you only what you need to know -

simplicity and function

like a hawk's eye view:

At a glance, the rider can evaluate the situation while keeping their eyes on the road ahead.

The graphical view shows green, yellow, and red hazards in realtime, and indicators at the top of the display offer an instant view of the situation. 


- a large clear display - your own phone -

android and iOS ready


- just for you -

what you get


the rear camera:

you’ll receive the rear camera with mounting hardware and cables – ready to install on your bike.

the app:

you can download the latest app from the relevant app store, login, connect via Bluetooth to your camera, and you’re ready to ride.

- get notified when in stock -

register for early access

hawkeye fitted to bike

- frequently asked questions -

you got questions? we got answers!

If you request early access, you can become one of our first customers and a VIP. As a VIP, you will be the first to receive a hawkeye, receive special discounts, and first to try new features and other great offers.

Currently, we do not have a firm price. But we expect hawkeye to be highly competitive with other products of similar capability and quality. If you are pre-ordering, the price you will pay will be displayed in the shopping cart.

The cameras within hawkeye respond to visible light. Visible light is in the wavelength range from 400-750nm. Like your eye, the cameras work best in bright daylight with reduced performance in darker situations.

The mobile App comes with every hawkeye kit. When your kit arrives, go to the Apple App Store or Android Play Store to download it on your phone.

Hawkeye can operate in any country. Some countries have limitations regarding the use of cameras and bike rear lights. Please check your local laws to determine any limitations to the full use of hawkeye. 

We plan to ramp up mass production as soon as possible. We have a working solution and will offer the product to “early adopters” and “beta testers” in Q2 2023. Please register to be included.

Hawkeye can be delivered to any location globally. However, it is prohibited by law to ship to some countries from the USA. For example, we are not shipping to Russia due to the war in Ukraine. The shipping cost may vary for some locations. 

Before we begin shipping, we will contact you for the correct shipping address. Then we will package your kit and ship it directly to you by mail.

Hawkeye.bike is a product of Skillion Inc. Our head office is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. 

We have a selection of parts that will ship with the hawkeye. You can choose between mounting on the seat post (with varying diameters), mounting on the seat stay, or a rear rack.

Please email us at: sales@hawkeye.bike

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